Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2024 Partner Relationship Management

Learn about the most significant Global and American trends that are likely to shape partner relationships in 2024

Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2024 Partner Relationship Management to learn about the most significant global and American trends that are likely to shape partner relationships in 2024, and get the insights, predictions, and practical advice you need to adapt, innovate and strategize.

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More about our new guidebook, Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2024 Partner Relationship Management

2023 has been a dynamic year for partner relationship management (PRM), ushering in a variety of profound technological advancements, economic shifts, and changing geopolitical dynamics. As we approach 2024, it appears we are again on the cusp of a significant business transformation as companies discover new ways to leverage the power of partner ecosystems to expand their reach and grow their bottom line. Is your business ready to take advantage of the changes to come?

This guidebook explores in detail the top 10 global and American trends that are most likely to impact partner ecosystems and partner relationships in 2024. In addition to identifying these trends, the guidebook gives readers a nuanced understanding of how each trend could reshape the strategies and operations in PRM, including cross-border partnerships and international collaboration strategies. If you want stay ahead of these important developments so your organization can overcome new challenges, capitalize on new opportunities, and harness the full potential of your partner relationships in the coming year, read the guidebook and join us in our in-depth exploration of this changing landscape.

Download this Guide to learn about:

  • How geopolitical shifts will affect partner relationship management in 2024
  • How artificial intelligence is likely to be integrated into PRM workflows and PRM automation platforms
  • The complex and multifaceted influence of high interest rates on innovation and spending in PRM in the year to come
  • The impact of emerging trade policies and rising nationalism on businesses and partnerships across major industries
  • How business are likely to adapt to “glocalization” and persistent supply change inefficiencies in 2024
  • How the outcome of US presidential race in 2024 could impact business outlook and business decisions, highlighting the need for flexibility in PRM strategy
  • Important new business trends that are having a direct impact on PRM, including hyperscaler-marketplaces and an increasing emphasis on visibility and control
  • How increasing consumer attention to health and lifestyle is impacting marketing, customer engagement, and PRM strategies in the health and wellness sector

Chapters Covered in Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2024 Partner Relationship Management

Inflation and Interest Rates

The economic landscape in 2024 will likely be shaped by a unique combination of subsiding inflation and persistently high interest rates, heralding a phase of “Great Rationalization” in IT and partner management.

AI Integration in PRM

AI is expected to evolve beyond its current role of automating tasks and play a pivotal role in reshaping how companies interact with and manage their partners, leading to more intelligent organizations, more effective collaboration, and significant waste reduction.

Geopolitical Shifts and PRM in 2024

The geopolitical landscape will continue shifting towards a multi-polar world, which will have significant implications for partner relationship management (PRM).

Glocalization and Supply Chains

As businesses navigate the complexities of a globalized world, particularly in the wake of advancements in AI, glocalization will likely impact global supply chains significantly and businesses will need to apply principles of rationalization to their investment decisions.

The Impact of the Presidential Election

The outcome of the 2024 election is likely to be pivotal in determining the direction of trade policies, international collaborations, and broader economic strategies, making it a critical element for PRM strategists to monitor closely.

Ozempic and Lifestyle Changes

The growing consumer interest in health and wellness will likely persist and evolve, influencing consumer behavior on a large scale and leading businesses to explore and establish more partnerships in the health and wellness sectors.

Hyper-Scaler Marketplace

PRM will be significantly influenced by the continued dominance of hyper-scaler marketplaces like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, while satellite marketplaces such as Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify and others are also poised to make a substantial impact.

PRM Maturity and Evolution

The integration of hyper-personalized workflows, advanced connectors, and sophisticated analytics will drive the development of PRM platforms.

Visibility Rules

Businesses are likely to invest heavily in tools and strategies that provide real-time insights into partner journeys, performance, and experiences, reflecting a more comprehensive approach to understanding and enhancing the partner experience.

Control Is King and Queen

Control will be about focused on managing resources, making informed decisions, and maintaining a strategic focus, and companies will seek innovative ways to expand and grow their partner networks without incurring excessive costs.

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