Global Multilingual Channel Management

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform, you can offer users in your organization and your partners a fully localized environment. When you provide a truly localized experience, you ensure increased engagement, substantially reduce support costs and improve global user satisfaction. You can use ZINFI UPM in your own teams’ preferred languages and transact business in multiple currencies. ZINFI’s UPM platform provides a language-pack framework that allows developers to build support for any language in the display of user interface labels. ZINFI’s UPM comes with support for 35 languages, including languages that are scripted right-to-left.

Channel Management Global module

Channel Management Multilingual Management

Multilingual Management

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform comes with a complete multilingual engine that allows your organization to provide a fully localized experience to users, regardless of their geographic location or the languages they speak. The ZINFI channel management platform provides you with multilingual data entry, presentation and reporting tailored to your unique needs.

With the ZINFI platform, your organization can build and generate reports in multiple languages, allowing you to easily satisfy specific regional requirements. You can also generate print layouts in multiple languages simultaneously using a mixed ratio.

Key Features Include:
  • Language Engine Management
  • Multilingual Data Entry Management
  • Multilingual Reporting Management
  • Dual Language Output Management
Channel Management Group and Profile Management

Group and Profile Management

By leveraging ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform, your organization can create different types of groups (sets of users) to manage a set of common records. Groups can be created for managing a variety of activities, including team selling, team support and event management. Users associated with a group can then access the records shared within the group and perform the required operations on those records.

A user group contains users, profiles, subordinates and subgroups. You can easily share records within these groups by setting up data sharing rules in the ZINFI channel management platform.

Key Features Include:
  • Module Access Management
  • User Profile Management
  • User Group Management