Channel Management System of Records

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform uses a system of records (SOR) based data structure, establishing a unifying data hub to keep track of all activities within the platform. This allows users to run intelligent queries and reports. Users can also run application configurators to build logical flow in a seamless way by connecting multiple applications.

The need to identify system of records in channel management can become acute in organizations where the system operates by taking output data from multiple systems, reprocesses this data and then represents the results for a customized business process. In these cases, multiple data sources may create conflict, but ZINFI’s SOR not only eliminates this conflict, but also creates a way to string together adds, moves and changes to the record in order to provide better channel performance and insights.

System of Records Record Visibility

Record Visibility

A major new feature available in ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform is Record Visibility, which restricts groups and users under specific assigned privileges while providing better security to their data.

The privileges assigned regulate the functions (both specific and general) a user can perform on records. Our access levels determine which records these privileges apply to. For example, although a user’s privileges may include the capability to delete account records, it is the user’s access level that determines exactly which records the user can manipulate.

Key Features Include:
  • Control Who Sees What
  • Object-Level Security
  • Field-Level Security
  • Record-Level Security
System of Records Data Management

Data Management

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform, we have refined the way information moves through your channel management business processes and through the database. With the integration of a state-of-the-future DBMS we have created an intelligent and mission-critical application that has everything built in, from in-memory performance and advanced security to in-database analytics.

SQL Helper and Data Provider classes are used in a data access layer which interacts with the database, integrating help from connection strings containing several preset methods intrinsic to the UPM system. This improves the performance of both the business layer and the data access layer. External data providers have been coupled to enable integration of external data into the ZINFI database engine.

Key Features Include:
  • Zero conflict tech stack update in multiple tiers
  • Simplifies maintenance of the code base
  • Enhances the security of the application