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Microsite & Landing Page Management

The Microsite & Landing Page Management module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform enables your organization to set up co-branded microsites or landing pages which partners can use to engage their prospects and customers via single-touch or multi-touch digital drip campaigns.

Microsite Content Management

ZINFI’s Microsite & Landing Page Management module gives your organization the tools you need to quickly set up corporate-branded landing pages for your channel partners to use in the execution of various marketing activities to create broader awareness of your products and generate qualified leads.

Your organization can use our Microsite & Landing Page Management module to set up required pages, products and documents to be shown on the landing pages. The module also allows your channel partners to customize existing content or add supplemental content to the landing page to meet their own business requirements.

Key Features

  • Page Management
  • Product Management
  • Document Management

Customized Page Management

With the Microsite & Landing Page Management module, you can create new customized pages to be added to the microsite in addition to the available default pages. We offer easy-to-use CMS-like functionality, which allows you to create HTML-based content very quickly and efficiently.

The URL availability feature of our Microsite & Landing Page Management module allows your organization to create a link to the URLs of your existing web pages in addition to the specific microsite you are currently creating. Similarly, your channel partners will be able to add their own website pages to the predesigned microsite to customize it based on their needs.

Key Features

  • New Page Setup & Management
  • Existing Web Page URL Association
  • Multilingual Content Management

Campaign Performance Management

Microsite & Landing Page Management features enable your organization to manage the performance of campaigns executed by each partner based on real-time analytics. This gives a clear understanding of which campaigns are working well and what needs improvement.

The Microsite & Landing Page Management module also enables your channel partners to keep track of the assets that are viewed or downloaded by prospects and the leads that are generated via the microsite and landing pages they have customized. This feature gives partners the information they eed to prioritize their follow-up activities with prospective buyers.

Key Features

  • Asset Download Tracking
  • Lead Capture Notification


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