Microsite & Landing Page Management

ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management (PMM) incorporates Microsite Marketing management that allows a vendor to create a mini-website with a home page, products, documents, videos, and “Contact Us” sections ‐ all of which can be customized and co-branded by partners. This module also allows effective tracking of visitors on the website to determine effectiveness of the campaign. This tracking capability also increases sales effectiveness by providing lead scoring for each visitor.

Microsite & Landing Page Management

Microsite & Landing Page Management

This module can enable a vendor to set up various microsites and landing pages that partners can select, customize and co-brand. Vendor can also block out if certain pages or content areas that cannot be customized by partners.

Key Features Include:

  • Multiple Microsites Management
  • Microsites By Partner Groups
  • Microsite Co-Branding
  • Microsite Customization Ability
  • Dynamic Tracking & Reporting

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