Search Marketing Management

The Search Marketing Management Module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform provides a dynamic linkage between paid ad (e.g., Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.) search networks and marketing campaigns. This module can be used for multi-partner inbound integrated lead generation activities.

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Search Marketing module

Search Marketing Management Event Details

Campaign Setup Management

With ZINFI’s Search Marketing Management module, your organization can quickly set up defined campaigns for partners to generate traffic and enhance visibility via search engines through both paid and unpaid activities. You can easily set up ad content and then direct users to the configured landing page URL.

In collaboration with Google AdWords, our Search Marketing Management module allows your organization to select the best matching keywords for the ad to be shown on the search engine results pages. This module also enables you to micro-manage campaigns with granular access management so that campaigns can automatically be assigned to appropriate user groups.

Key Features Include:
  • Ad Content Management
  • Ad Group Management
  • Keyword Management
  • Campaign Visibility Management

Campaign Usage Management

The Search Marketing Management Module allows partners to quickly deploy campaigns set up by your organization with pre-configured content. It also allows partners to select relevant keywords and bid for them in accordance with average costs, which are based on historical data analysis.

Partners can also define the budget for each campaign they execute along with the country and language they wish to market to. These Search Marketing Management features help your organization overcome the inherent complexity of localized marketing and do so via a single platform.

Key Features Include:
  • Keywords Bidding Management
  • Campaign Budget Management
  • Ad Localization Management
Search Marketing Manage Ads
Search Marketing Management Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance Management

With our Search Marketing Management module, your organization can efficiently manage the campaign performance of each partner based on real-time analytics. This gives you instant insight into what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Effective Search Marketing Management also enables your partners to monitor the progress of their ads posted on search engines, allowing them to quickly make required adjustments based on metrics like CPC, impressions and locations to drive the right traffic, generate qualified leads and build up the sales pipeline.

Key Features Include:
  • Campaign Cost Management
  • Generated Leads Management
  • CPC & Impressions Management