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Web Syndication Management

Web Syndication Management

Web syndication is an important way to amplify your organization’s reach and lead generation through a distributed channel partner network. Use the Web Syndication Management module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform to distribute product and solution web showcases via your channel partners’ websites.

Showcase Management

With the Web Syndication Management module, your organization can manage content made available to your target audience via your partners’ websites. Using our showcase management functionality, you can make showcases accessible to select partners based on their geographic location and preferred languages.

Your channel partners can quickly edit and customize the existing content of preconfigured showcases to address their target audience. Customization is simply a matter of code-pasting, which makes it easy for your partners to make changes and encourages more partners to participate.

Key Features Include:

  • Showcase setup and management
  • Showcase access management
  • Showcase language management

Theme Management

Your organization can easily design multiple themes for product showcases using the Web Syndication Management module. Channel partners can choose the theme which best aligns with their website branding without having to make any changes to the content.

The Web Syndication Management module is also a good tool to encourage the use of web syndication by channel partners as one of their key marketing tactics. Effective syndication can create increased awareness of your products, generate leads for partners using their own websites and help them build a sales pipeline for deal conversion.

Key Features Include:

  • Theme file upload and setup
  • Theme file edit and management

Campaign Performance Management

With ZINFI’s Web Syndication Management module, you can monitor the performance of campaigns executed by each partner using real-time analytics. Our reporting tools show you what’s working well and help you target areas for improvement.

Channel partners can also use the module to keep track of the assets prospects view or download, and track leads generated from the syndicated product showcases. This information helps partners prioritize their follow-up activities with prospective buyers.

Key Features Include:

  • Asset download tracking
  • Lead capture notification
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