Channel Data Management (CDM)

ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform comes with a channel data management module that provides channel organizations with clear visibility into point-of-sales data from their distributors and resellers to dynamically track which regions, territories, resellers and products are selling through and which are not. The module also enables organizations selling through the channel to proactively manage inventory to and through the channel.

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Channel Data Management module

Channel Data Management View Data Feeds

Data Feed Management

ZINFI’s Channel Data Management module makes it easy for your organization to set up a dynamic data collection process from your distributors and resellers to keep track of what is selling, who is selling, where it is selling and why. This module allows your organization to connect to individual data feeds in various formats—web services, XML, EDI via an on-demand integration or CSV—via manual upload. Once various data streams are connected and sales data has been gathered in the system, you or ZINFI’s concierge team can using ZINFI’s cleansing and normalizing engine to prepare the data for validation and enrichment activities. When the data has been properly cleaned and formatted, it is ready for further analysis to generate insights related to various sales drivers.
Key Features Include:
  • On-demand data feed management
  • FTP/website upload management
  • Data transformation engine
  • Data validation engine
  • Data enrichment engine

Reseller Data Management

ZINFI’s Channel Data Management module gives your organization visibility into the performance of your distributors, dealers and partners. Use the module to manage not only individual data streams by each distributor, but also aggregate reseller data across various distributors. This gives you the ability to monitor your medallion partners’ activities and track their performance in real time. It also allows you to track activities in detail across multiple regions, territories and sub-territories. Drill down to the product level and understand real-time inventory trends across your entire channel.
Key Features Include:
  • Distributor data management
  • Reseller data management
  • Territory analysis and management
  • Product mix management
  • Inventory management
Channel Data Management Reseller Data
CDM Sales Analysis

Dynamic Sales Analytics

ZINFI’s Channel Data Management module comes with deep analytical capabilities that can provide your organization with dynamic insight into a variety of metrics related to sales performance. Run real-time analyses of what is selling, who is selling and where. Use historical data to build a model providing more accurate predictions of your sales performance. This module comes with a dynamic report builder that allows you to create correlational reports on the fly to go deep into diverse aspects of your channel performance. You can download the analytical data and reports in multiple user-friendly formats, including PowerPoint, PDF and Excel.
Key Features Include:
  • Dynamic report builder
  • Automatic report emailing
  • Pre-scheduled analytical runs
  • Sales-out forecasting
  • Inventory modeling