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Global 4 Communications Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Generate Qualified Leads and Improve Sales


Global 4 Communications Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Generate Qualified Leads and Improve Sales

Email Campaign Results in 70 Units Sold to the Education Sector Using ZINFI Partner Portal

Pleasanton, CA – October 4, 2016 – ZINFI Technologies, Inc.,a leading provider of Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions, today announced its state-of-the-art partner portal was the core technology behind a recent successful collaboration between communications technology provider NEC and its channel partner Global 4 Communications, a UK reseller of telecommunications solutions. Working closely with NEC, Global 4 used the ZINFI partner portal for the first time to automate a series of email campaigns targeting the education sector to enhance brand awareness and generate leads—ultimately resulting in the sale of 70 units of NEC’s SV9100 communication system.

generate qualified leads and improve salesThis was Global 4’s introduction to the NEC partner portal—a key component of ZINFI’s partner relationship management platform—which provided the company with access to turnkey email campaigns with NEC-provided content, automated campaign management and real-time tracking capabilities. Three emails were sent over the course of a month to a selected list of Global 4 leads. Using the partner portal, Global 4 distributed the emails among 11 data segments in the education sector—generating a total of approximately 2,500 emails. Recipients who clicked on a call to action were taken to a co-branded website where they could request more information.

The Global 4 employee who managed the campaigns had anticipated a “horribly steep learning curve” when first using the partner portal, but before the campaign got underway ZINFI conducted a training session via WebEx with the employee, who found the session “very helpful”; Global 4 also made effective use of some ZINFI-provided training videos.

“At first the partner portal seemed like an opportunity to just send these co-branded emails, but now I see it’s got a lot more potential” said the Global 4 representative. “It’s key in branching out to various vertical markets. We were able to expand our business to the education market successfully and bring out some brand awareness. I think we’re just scratching the surface. We’ve got a way to go” to utilize the partner portal to its full potential, he noted.

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