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ZINFI Executes Two Outbound Calling Demand Generation Campaigns for Major Global Enterprise in Quick Succession, Beating Cost-Per-Response Expectations in Both

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The marketing team at a major global enterprise company needed assistance with two initiatives related to finding and engaging potential customers. The first initiative was an event registration drive that involved calling from list provided by the client, and the goal was to generate several hundred confirmed attendees at a cost per response that would be in line with their own internal efforts in similar campaigns. The second initiative involved calling another provided list to verify and correct existing data and provide an opt-in opportunity for customers who were interested in receiving more information.


ZINFI Services were selected to execute the initiatives, both of which would run as pilots to test against similar efforts that had been performed internally. The initiatives were time-sensitive, so ZINFI would be required to transition very quickly from generating sign-ups for the event to executing the data validation/opt-in campaign. For its part, the client needed to get internal stakeholders into alignment, ensure follow-up among several teams that were involved and set up systems that would allow it to measure response rates.


Both initiatives generated very positive results. “We exceeded our goals on all of our metrics on the data validation/opt-in campaign, and we were very happy with the cost per response in the event registration campaign, based on the initial numbers.” said a Senior Campaign Manager for the company. They compared response rates and costs to internal efforts on similar initiatives, and concluded that the outcomes were quite favorable.

The client contact, who managed the engagement from start to finish, noted that he was “very satisfied” with the level of service provided by ZINFI. “ZINFI provided some good best practices for us. Also, their team was able to pivot quickly between executing the event and validating the data. They were very flexible…. I felt the ZINFI team was responsive, eager to collaborate, and understanding of our processes, which was great.

I’ve already recommended ZINFI to some other people in our organization,” he said.


A major global enterprise required assistance in executing two initiatives aimed at generating leads and engaging the interest of prospective customers. ZINFI produced good results for both, with total responses and cost-perresponse rates exceeding expectations. This enterprise praised the responsiveness of ZINFI’s team, which provided best practices, adapted quickly to client processes, and made a smooth transition from their event-registration campaign to a data verification/opt-in campaign.

At a Glance


  • Execute two outbound calling campaigns in quick succession
  • Generate good response rates and costs comparable to or better than results from similar campaigns run internally


  • ZINFI services collaborates with client, executes campaigns for event registration and data verification/opt-in
  • ZINFI shares best practices and adapts to client workflow


  • Great response rates at favorable cost
  • Fast pivot from events campaign to data verification/opt-in campaign
  • “Flexible”, “responsive” service from the ZINFI team
  • Recommendation of ZINFI internally to other teams