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KIS Multi-Touch Marketing Success Story

KIS Multi-Touch Marketing Success Story

KIS Virtualization and IT Solution Specialists Use ZINFI Multi-Touch Marketing to Boost Competitive Edge

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Lead Generation and Direct Customer Contact Helps Accelerate Opportunity Pipeline

As a professional services organization, KIS has been providing network solutions services to companies across the country. They know their business and what works. They have the technical know-how and a dedicated marketing resource intent on generating leads for the nearly 50 sales staff on hand. KIS prides itself on maintaining a deep bench of highly skilled technical professionals and employs a dedicated, in-house marketing resource focused on generating leads. “What we’ve found from 25 years in the industry is that experience sells. Experience is one thing that the competition lacks,” says Diaz.

Challenge: Increase ROI from Events

Gabe Diaz, Director of Business Development at KIS, sees the company’s biggest challenge as finding easier, better ways to acquire new leads and new opportunities while getting the best possible return on effort. With almost 50,000 contacts in its database, KIS has developed a highly successful, multi-touch marketing strategy encompassing most traditional and progressive techniques, but finds that events are the must successful in creating new opportunities. “People talk at events. They like to talk about their successes, and inevitably, they talk about where they could use help in desktop virtualization, network vulnerabilities, or security, or simply looking for a tip or bit of advice as we talk over lunch,” says Diaz. “Events give us a chance to build and extend a relationship.” As a premier partner with multiple vendors, KIS faces the ongoing task of hitting sales revenue targets for different products and partner marketing campaigns. Diaz decided to engage to ZINFI to supplement their current marketing activities and increase the sales pipeline with a targeted campaign aimed at driving attendance at events. In any business, you have to spend money to make money. The question is how? How do we get more business? How do we maximize the use of our tools so that the sales process is more productive and more efficient? With ZINFI’s channel marketing consultants we are working together to answer these questions and already we’ve extended our marketing team and increased our productivity and ROI~ Gabe Diaz Director, Business Development, KISCC


Building customer relationships is instrumental in marketing and Gabe knows it. The ZINFI lead generation program they completed supplemented their current marketing mix. With technical certifications and sales revenue targets as a premier partner level, they work with a slew of vendors and work hard to tackle and schedule the campaigns one at a time. It can get complicated, at least coordinating the outbound marketing can be challenging juggling multiple campaigns from multiple vendors.


The ZINFI lead generation and lead nurturing programs have provided a convenient, easy service that has boosted ROI. From a recent campaign, KIS has been delighted to achieve above industry average results, realizing a consistent 9% email open rate, about a dozen leads that have converted to opportunities, and a pipeline stretching into the next quarter. “ZINFI was able to shorten the sales cycle, add to the pipeline and get to a higher ROI to support an entire sales organization,” said Diaz, adding, “We have done campaigns with multiple vendors and multiple agencies, but ZINFI is the one that comes out on top. Having ZINFI on our side has made access and execution of vendor campaigns much easier.” We’re a typical company with a typical portfolio and typical service offerings. The difference is in our marketing and having ZINFI on our team. We have the tools. We want to use the tools better so that sales is more productive and efficient. ~ Gabe Diaz Director, Business Development, KISCC


Headquartered in Fremont, California, KIS is a specialist consultant in virtualization and IT solutions. KIS provides network solutions services to clients across the country from its offices in Cleveland, Houston, Kansas City and New Jersey. The company maintains an active and varied marketing program, with a focus on driving attendance at events. To boost the success and ROI from tradeshows, seminars, webinars and other activities, KIS engaged ZINFI to supplement their in- house efforts with high impact lead nurturing campaigns.

At a Glance

KIS Stats

Website :
Headquarters : Fremont, California
Contact : +1-510-933-1900
Sector : Desktop Virtualization and IT Service Provider
Authorized Partner for Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, VMware and other major vendors

About KIS

Keep IT Simple (KIS) is a privately held network solutions and consulting firm specializing in desktop virtualization, network design, security and management. With one of the largest multidisciplinary consulting staffs in Northern California, KIS has been serving its clients since 1988. Unique to KIS is the company’s partnership structure, which allows the organization to respond quickly to the evolving needs of clients, and easily manage the fast pace of technology in the IT industry. KIS supports its numerous vendor certifications and premier partner status with ongoing training to service key customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and in select U.S. cities.

Contact and Address:

Gabe Diaz, Director, Business Development
KIS Headquarters:
4027 Clipper Ct. Fremont, CA 94538
E. [email protected]
T. (510) 933.1900

ZINFI made it convenient and easy.
~ Gabe Diaz

Director, Business Development, KISCC


  • New customer acquisition
  • Improve sales productivity and efficiency


  • Lead generation campaign
  • Closely targeted plan


  • Above average campaign awareness
  • Pipeline filled
  • Shorter sales cycle


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