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360 Profit Masters Generates Promising New Leads with the Help of the ZINFI Partner Portal and ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Concierge Service

360 Profit Masters Generates Promising New Leads with the Help of the ZINFI Partner Portal and ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Concierge Service

Partner marketing concierge service helps 360 Profit Masters use the ZINFI partner portal to reach its target audience more efficiently and develop more consistent messaging

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360 typically works with customers to broaden their thinking from a narrow focus on IT products to a more strategic methodology for adopting technology that can transform their business model. Hasty’s approach is less focused on direct selling than helping clients find new ways to engage with their market. 360 needed meffective methods for reaching out to C-level executives at target firms, generating interest and beginning substantive conversations.


To help its clients meet their business goals, 360 partners with a global provider of open source technology platforms, and recently began using that vendor’s web-based partner marketing portal, which is a crucial component of ZINFI’s industry-leading channel marketing automation platform. The portal provides a wealth of marketing assets, including turnkey email marketing campaigns that are co-brandable and can be customized by partners for specific audiences. With help from a ZINFI partner marketing concierge, Hasty has set up a co-branded campaign that will ultimately send out four sequential email messages to a target list of around 200 executives. Hasty says the portal has already helped her refine her messaging by providing marketing and sales resources that are all “going in the same direction,” and this enables her to be more consistent in her own marketing efforts.


After using the partner portal to set up and execute a couple of email blasts, Hasty has already generate five leads—with the potential for $200,000 to $300,000 in revenue—that she expects to result in serious conversations with executives at target organizations. She is particularly enthusiastic about the help she has received from the ZINFI concierge. He has helped 360 learn to “break through the noise in the marketplace,” says Hasty, and “how to capture attention without overwhelming my target audience with too many hows. Instead I’ve learned to focus on the why. That’s been huge.” The concierge has also guided Hasty in the use of the partner portal’s reporting and analytics tools, so she can get a better understanding of campaign results and further refine 360’s messaging. In addition to crediting the concierge, Hasty was quick to praise ZINFI’s online technical support team. “They were outstanding,” when she needed help navigating through the portal’s features and tools. “They took they time to walk me through the parts I struggled with.” Hasty has used a number of CRM programs in the past, but none really produced results that could justify the investment. “What I really like about the ZINFI partner portal is, once I have it set up, it actually kind of applies continuous integration into my marketing. I can continually feed new prospects into the platform without having to come up with a new campaign. It’s been very powerful.” “Prior to working with the ZINFI concierge, I did not have the degree of clarity I have today. Using the portal and getting advice from the concierge have helped me focus and utilize my time better. Frankly, I was wasting time talking to people who were never going to buy my service.” Hasty says her loyalty to the technology vendor that is providing access to the partner portal has increased, and she now feels more confident that she can “shift the conversation to something far more powerful” when she engages with prospects.


360 Profit Masters is a consortium of “change architects” who provide strategic advice to organizations contemplating major technology investments. 360’s CEO Susan Hasty, who works out of the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area, has developed a network of subject matter experts to help professional services firms in industries like accounting, engineering, construction and architecture make better buying decisions. Hasty describes herself as an “integrated transformation facilitator” who guides clients through a more formal process for deciding what technology to buy.

At a Glance


Headquarters: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Contact: (919) 371-8151
Sectors: Accounting, engineering, construction and architecture
Solutions Offered: Strategic guidance in technology investment
Employees: 1, plus a broad network of experts


  • 360 Profit Masters provides strategic guidance to firms considering major technology investments.


  • ZINFI partner portal and ZINFI’s partner marketing concierge service.


  • The initial campaigns generated 5 promising leads worth $200,000–$300,000 in potential revenue, and 360’s marketing efforts have become much more focused. “I absolutely would recommend ZINFI,” says 360’s CEO, Susan Hasty.

About 360 Profit Masters

Susan Hasty, from 360 Profit Master brings a diverse amount of business experience, a deep understanding of business strategy, psychology and organizational effectiveness to her role as CEO Coach and Master Facilitator of the LEADERS FIRST Alignment Process. Her unquenchable passion is helping CEOs master their leadership conversations, take charge of their own energy and orchestrate the energy of others . They improve their companies – and their lives – by creating a more collaborative, adaptable and sustainable culture and future. She is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, a Human Capital Strategic Business Partner from HCI, the Human Capital Institute. Susan is a member of the International Coaching Federation, The Association of Neuro Linguistic Programing and a certified member of the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Network. Susan delivers. It’s guaranteed.

About ZINFI Technologies

ZINFI Technologies, the leader in Unified Channel Management (UCM) innovation, enables vendors and their channel partners to achieve profitable growth predictably and rapidly on a worldwide level. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and founded by channel veterans with extensive global channel management experience, we at ZINFI see an immense opportunity to build high-performing sales channels by deploying an easy-to-use, comprehensive and innovative state-of-the-art SaaS Unified Channel Management automation platform that streamlines and manages the entire partner lifecycle through three core state-of-the-art SaaS applications—partner relationship management, channel marketing management and channel sales management. In 26 countries, these three core UCM SaaS applications are locally supported by ZINFI’s global marketing services team members.


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