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AuDeo Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Streamline Email Marketing

AuDeo Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Streamline Email Marketing

Barco Partner Leverages Partner Portal to Access Turnkey Marketing Assets, Set Up and Launch Campaigns, Generate Leads and Close Sales

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AuDeo recently launched an email marketing initiative using partner portal technology built by ZINFI and offered through the Barco Connect! program for approved partners and resellers.

Barco partner AuDeo is a meeting room technology specialist based in Basingstoke, UK. For more than 20 years, AuDeo has provided video conferencing and meeting room technology solutions to organizations in a broad range of verticals, leveraging its status as a reseller of Barco visualization solutions to help provide clients with a seamless conferencing experience including state-of-the-art products, services and support. Instead of focusing on specific products in its interactions with prospective and current customers, AuDeo’s marketing efforts center on solving customers’ meeting room problems. “IT challenges are our ‘sweet spot,’” says Sarah Roberts, marketing manager at AuDeo.


Getting the attention of the IT Decision Makers that AuDeo targets with it’s marketing messages is becoming increasingly more difficult. AuDeo are continuously trying new and different approaches, utilizing partner resources and branding where they can. When Roberts learned of the opportunity to use the Barco partner portal powered by ZINFI, she was intrigued. She was also pleased to discover that Barco was providing turnkey, customer-story-focused email campaigns through the partner portal. “We tend to steer away from any product-specific marketing. In our experience, it tends not to get as good a result,” she said.


Once Roberts participated in a “very positive” partner portal training session with a member of ZINFI’s concierge service, she found it simple to upload prospect lists and set up campaigns and microsites on her own using the portal’s email templates. “We were able to launch the campaigns quite easily, to be honest,” she said. “That’s been very, very good. The quick setup, the launch side of it is fantastic. It takes you step-by-step through the elements you need to do, so it’s very quick to set up the email and launch it. It’s excellent in that respect.”


“In terms of the results we’ve gotten, the portal has far exceeded our expectations, and the campaign enabled us to get some traction with a large customer,” said Roberts. The initial emails have generated several qualified leads for the AuDeo sales team, and one lead has already culminated in the sale of six Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems valued at around $10,000. “We were hoping the partner portal would add an extra element to our email marketing, which it has done. We really like the microsite that works with the emails and the campaigns we’re able to send out.” Roberts says she would “definitely” recommend the partner portal to other Barco partners. “Having experience dealing with lots of different vendors, I would say it is one of the best marketing opportunity platforms that we’ve been able to utilize from a partner. It’s been very easy to use and very easy to set up the campaigns. It’s exceeded any expectations that we had initially.”


AuDeo is a specialist technology provider in the UK marketing video conferencing and meeting room solutions to a variety of verticals. The company was seeking new ways to generate interest in Barco products, but it knew that product-focused marketing assets rarely worked with its customer base. AuDeo wanted to develop email marketing campaigns that would present customer stories about solving IT problems with better meeting room technology. The Barco partner portal—an integral part of ZINFI’s channel marketing automation solutions for technology vendors and other organizations selling through the channel—provided AuDeo with everything it needed to set up and launch a new series of relevant emails, including email templates, microsites and compelling content. AuDeo marketing manager Sarah Roberts found the partner portal very easy to use, and was able to upload lists and launch campaigns quickly and efficiently. A $10,000 deal for the sale of six Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems has already been closed as a result of the new campaigns, and the AuDeo sales team is following up on additional leads that were generated through the initiative. “We were looking for additional content that we can push out to our audience, and we certainly have done that,” says Roberts. She is already eyeing additional campaigns from Barco the partner portal that she would like to use in the future. Customer-story and problem-solving campaigns will again be the focus.

At a Glance


Headquarters: Basingstoke, UK
Contact: Sarah Roberts, Marketing Manager
Sector: Technology
Solutions Offered: Video conferencing/meeting room technology
Employees: 15



  • Barco partner AuDeo’s marketing efforts are focused on customer stories and problem-solving, and the company was hoping to find new relevant content it could easily and efficiently push out to prospects and existing customers.


  • The Barco partner portal, built by ZINFI and supported through its partner marketing concierge service, fit the bill. AuDeo was able to locate ready-to-go email campaigns in the portal, and the process of uploading lists, setting up campaigns and microsites, and launching campaigns was easy and fast.


  • The initial campaign generated several new leads, including one that culminated in the sale of six Barco ClickShare wireless presentation systems worth about $10,000.

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About AuDeo

AuDeo is a specialist in meeting room technology and have been designing, building, installing and supporting video conferencing and meeting room audio visual equipment for over 20 years. AuDeo delivers the meeting room technology and tools required to speed up your meetings, whilst improving the quality of your information and your communications.

About Barco

Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes around the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop sight, sound, and sharing solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (from meeting and control rooms to corporate spaces), Healthcare (from the radiology department to the operating room), and Entertainment (from movie theaters to live events and attractions). In 2016, we realized sales of 1.102 billion euro. We have a team of 3,500 employees, located in 90 countries, whose passion for technology is captured in 400 granted patents. For more information, visit us on, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or like us on Facebook.


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