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Partner Portal NEC Global 4 Communications

Partner Portal NEC Global 4 Communications

Global 4 Communications Uses NEC Partner Portal for the First Time to Generate Qualified Leads and Sell the SV9100 Communication System with 70 Handsets

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Global 4 Communications Ltd currently has a growing marketing department with all marketing functions handled by a few individuals. Global 4 and NEC were working closely together to generate qualified leads for NEC handsets. Together they planned a series of email campaigns targeting the education sector to enhance brand awareness, but also to generate leads and ultimately convert to sales. Recipients who clicked on a call to action would be taken to a co-branded website where they could request more information.


This was Global 4’s introduction to the NEC partner portal—a key component of ZINFI’s partner relationship management platform—which provided an easy-to-use, automated platform and turnkey email campaigns with NEC-provided content. Three co-branded emails were sent over the course of a month to a selected list of Global 4 leads. Using the partner portal, Global 4 distributed the emails among 11 data segments in the education sector—generating a total of approximately 2,500 emails. The Global 4 employee who managed the campaigns had assumed it to be a “horribly steep learning curve” when first using the partner portal, but before the campaign got underway ZINFI conducted a training session via WebEx with the employee, who found the session “very helpful,” and Global 4 also made effective use of some ZINFI training videos.


Opens and click-throughs came in at rates that were fairly standard for the company: about 5% and 2%, respectively. A dozen qualified appointments led to a number of actual sales, but the value of this initial experience with the partner portal for Global 4 extended beyond the revenue it generated. “At first it seemed like an opportunity to just send these co-branded emails, but now I see it’s got a lot more potential” said the Global 4 representative. “There’s a lot more to it than just sending out emails.” In the near future, Global 4 plans to investigate NEC’s web content syndication features offered through the ZINFI platform’s partner portal.


Global 4 Communications Ltd, and UK company selling telecommunications solutions to multiple verticals, is an NEC partner and reseller of NEC telephone systems. Managing a four-week, co-branded email campaign—which featured NEC-provided content and linked interested recipients to a co-branded website—proved easier than expected through the ZINFI partner portal. “It’s very efficient,” said the Global 4 representative who used the partner portal. “It’s key in branching out to various vertical markets. We were able to expand our business to the education market successfully and bring out some brand awareness. I think we’re just scratching the surface…we’ve got a way to go” to utilize the portal to its full potential.

At a Glance

Global4 Communications


Website :
Headquarters : Horsham, West Sussex, UK
Contact : +01403 272910
Sector : Telecommunications provider
Annual revenue : Approximately £18 million
Number of employees : Approximately 80, with 10 in sales



  • Manage a series automated email campaigns to generate brand awareness and leads. No marketing team, just one individual with no experience with PRM platforms.


  • Month-long co-branded campaign comprising three different emails (2,500 total), all managed through the ZINFI partner portal with content provided by NEC.


  • Generated a dozen qualified leads, which ultimately resulted in the sale of the SV9100 Communication System and approximately 70 handsets to schools. Marketer gained awareness of a number of additional functionalities offered through the partner portal, and will investigate those in the future.

About Global4 Communications

Global 4 has been established for over 15 years and is a leading telecoms provider to many different sectors which include 15% of the UK’s petrol retailers, 42% of the UK’s estate agents and at least 7 locations on every major UK high street. Offering telecoms solutions to a wide range of businesses, Global 4 provides telephone systems and communication solutions to customers nationwide.

Specialising in the delivery of tailored telecoms solutions, Global 4 provide you with future proof business solutions for increased efficiencies and cost saving opportunities. Learn more at

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