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ZINFI Teleprospecting Engagement Beats Expectations in Driving Target Audience to Enterprise Event Registration

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A team of event marketing professionals working for a very large developer of enterprise applications was planning a new event aimed at selected prospects and needed help driving registrations. For this particular event, the team took a coordinated, three-pronged approach to generate sign-ups. First, internal account executives and business development reps called some prospects with a script. Social channels were also tapped to generate awareness. The third element was a teleprospecting campaign which was executed entirely by ZINFI.


A ZINFI teleprospecting services team worked directly with the customer’s marketing team to plan for the engagement and make the calls from a list of prospects provided by customer.


The registrations exceeded my expectations,” says the director of the customer’s marketing team. Based on a similar campaign, the director had anticipated garnering 50 to 60 registrations from the teleprospecting campaign, but they ended up with 69. There were also quite a few additional prospects captured who indicated they would register for the event themselves online, so the director anticipates the final result will be closer to 90 completed registrations.

Apart from the very encouraging numbers, the customer was impressed with the process of working with ZINFI, which was seamless throughout. “It all went very, very smoothly. David and the ZINFI teleprospecting team did a great job of identifying what I needed to provide, when I needed to provide it and in what format. It was all very easy and clear.… The upload of the lists was super easy… and the reporting was great.

For future engagements, the customer would like to work with ZINFI on “programatizing” the teleprospecting effort across multiple events in an effort to make event marketing activities even more efficient and continue to drive down per-call and per-attendee costs.


Based on this engagement, the marketing director says she would “absolutely” recommend ZINFI for its teleprospecting services. “They were easy to engage with” and she especially appreciated the “very transparent communication and process: what needs to be done, who needs to do what, and when it needs to be completed.

At a Glance



  • Generate interest and drive registrationsfor upcoming event via teleprospecting


  • ZINFI Teleprospecting Services worksfrom customer’s list to make calls andsign up prospects


  • Teleprospecting generated nearly 70 confirmed signups initially, beating estimates, and another 20 prospectsindicated they would register on theirown

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