Global Marketing Services

Grow your partner network & sales

Building a channel requires constant engagement with the partner base not just via digital means but also through phone conversations, face to face events and roadshows. Most companies today run pretty lean and do not have additional channel marketing resources available when an extra campaign push is needed to make programs happen. Therefore, an access to a channel marketing organization like ZINFI with global marketing capabilities is critical to make things happen when time is short and budget needs to yield results. Also most companies today tend to focus on their core activities and outsource many that are an extension of their core programs. This is where ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services come in to enable a vendor selling through the channel with specific “Market To” programs and activities.

Business Benefits

  • Expertise

    Marketing is changing fast as digital marketing overtakes old way of doing marketing. You need a trusted partner who have all the necessary competencies at a global level to drive both your Market To and Through campaigns. This is where ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services expertise come in.

  • Scale

    ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services (GMS) platform can enable you to test out programs in one market and then adapt and deploy in other parts of the world rapidly. ZINFI’s world wide presence can significantly enable you to scale your channel marketing programs rapidly across multiple geographies.

  • Performance

    A significant portion of ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services (GMS) are based on pay for performance – providing minimal risks when something doesn’t work. So confident in our global capabilities, that in most cases we commit to a service level agreement delivering both results and piece of mind for you and your partners.

Feature Modules

  • Partner Marketing

    We can help you to reach out to your partners to onboard and get them trained onto your channel programs and tools to drive adoption of your initiatives and marketing tactics

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  • Partner Onboarding

    If you want to run customized onboarding programs to get your partners trained and adopt certain dimension of your channel program or platform we can help globally

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  • Partner Recruitment

    We can run integrated marketing campaigns to recruit partners from various parts of the world by working with your channel team in local markets

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  • Partner Research

    We provide customer and market research capabilities for you to understand your partner satisfaction, interest in new products and services and growth opportunities

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  • Audience Acquisition Marketing

    Let us help you and your partners to get new prospects interested in your solution by using our integrated multi-tactic (email, event, search, social, telemarketing, etc.) campaigns

  • Marketing Program

    Outsource your strategic and tactical direct marketing and indirect channel marketing initiatives to us to truly drive results by managing all activities end to end

  • Localized Translation Services

    We can translate your content into multiple languages by using our world-wide translation capabilities (in-house and outsourced) and we can work with your current agencies also


  • Modular

    ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services (GMS) capability come with a modular approach so that you can pick and chose what you need. You can also vary the deployment of these services across different countries around the world based on your organization needs and capabilities. Each of ZINFI’s services are locally priced to be highly competitive so you can be assured that by deploying these world class capabilities you not only have access to state-of-the-art marketing competencies but also are getting highly competitive pricing.

  • Global

    ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services (GMS) are now currently available in twenty six countries, which are delivered from eleven marketing centers around the world. Unlike other channel marketing vendors ZINFI provide engagement at a regional and country level, where it triumph matters. ZINFI’s global presence allows ZINFI constantly stay connected with local marketing needs to adapt the right mix of digital and analog marketing tactics to provide the highest return on marketing investments.

  • Responsive

    Most channel organization moves around the quarterly clock and you need a marketing partner that can move quickly. That’s what we call the speed of digital. ZINFI’s Global Marketing Services (GMS) team members can work with your respective country teams and put together highly customized programs and rapidly execute to deliver results. Our consistently tell us that this is a significant enabler for their channel teams to make things happen on their clock, not ours.

Technology Partners

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