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Partner Recruitment Services

Whether a vendor has a broad channel and want to make existing partners aware of a new program or solution, or whether a vendor is at an early stage company trying to build a channel, ZINFI’s Partner Recruitment services can help an organization to profile, reach and onboard partners in multiple countries around the world.

Partner Profiling Services

All vendors selling through a channel need to know who their most productive resellers are and why they sell more than the rest of the channel. When a vendor understands the factors driving a partner’s sales productivity, it begins to become possible to drive the productivity of the rest of the channel by focusing on a set of non-performing partners who may not have sold much lately, but certainly have the technical and sales competency to sell more in the future.

ZINFI can carry out a partner profiling campaign from a list of inactive or partially active resellers who may have the potential to sell more. One of the key objectives of this profiling activity could be to determine what actions are needed to help these inactive resellers to become more active and/or increase purchase frequency with a vendor.

Partner Outreach Services

ZINFI can work with a vendor in finding the right channel partners to succeed. Recruiting the right channel partners is essential to expanding a vendor’s pipeline and successfully running a channel program. By recruiting the right type of partners a vendor can increase its brand recognition and raise customer’s satisfaction.

ZINFI can put together a focused partner recruitment strategy and then execute those strategies through detailed partner recruitment activities. These activities are targeted to the right partners in order to quickly grow a vendor’s pipeline and maximize its revenue.

ZINFI can assist a vendor in developing a campaign theme, clean up target partner lists, set up campaign portals and reach out to target partners to engage in the programs.

Partner Onboarding Services

Finding the time and resources to find new providers and recruit them to become active partners can be a challenge. ZINFI can assist a vendor in onboarding new partners quickly and efficiently by bringing the vendor and the partner together for a discussion covering a vendor’s businesses offerings.

ZINFI can take a vendor’s prospective partner leads from current or past campaigns that need to be followed-up with and schedule webinars between the vendors and high potential partners. In these webinars between the vendor and the potential partner the vendor can provide an overview of its products, channel programs and services taking the vendor one step closer to recruiting a new partner and increasing channel sales.