Field Marketing

Field marketing teams need to move fast and address a variety of requests coming from stakeholders like channel marketing, channel sales and distribution management professionals, as well as partners in the field. The nature of business in this function requires scalability, repeatability and predictability. That’s exactly what ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform is designed to achieve.

  • Workflow Development – Quickly create business workflows, approval logic and system alerts by using ZINFI’s FlexiFlow™ and CENTRi™ tools to rapidly respond to changing business requirements
  • CRM Integration – Securely and seamlessly manage workflows and record flows between enterprise CRMs like SFDC, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics and the ZINFI platform
  • Sales Programs – Rapidly design, develop and deploy recruitment, onboarding, training and incentive programs across a large partner base
  • Partner Training – Ensure effective training programs are rolled out for internal sales and the external channel partner base
  • Partner Enablement – Drive multi-partner demand-generation activities via distribution partners by leveraging co-branded content provided by channel marketing teams
  • Partner Incentives – Deploy quarterly incentives programs aimed at channel partners and align these incentives with field marketing activities like end-user training, lead generation and more
  • Optimize Performance – Get deep insights into what field marketing activities are working and what needs changing to drive better program ROI and higher partner satisfaction levels

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform enables field marketing teams to rapidly leverage a broad array of programs and campaigns provided by channel marketing teams and replicate programs and campaigns from one territory to another at a rapid, more predictable pace.

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform, field marketing professionals can significantly increase efficiency and performance by having a better understanding of which partners to focus on and which programs to drive to increase partner engagement and adoption of key marketing, sales and technical initiatives, and programs.