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Esinware Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Train and Certify Technical Staff in APM and Observability Technology

Esinware Uses ZINFI Partner Portal to Train and Certify Technical Staff in APM and Observability Technology

Partner portal provides Esinware with real-time, do-it-yourself tools to build the skills and competence required to outperform with much larger competitors

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Located in Rome, Italy, Esinware is a fast-growing technology company with 12 dedicated employees who provide customized IT solutions to government agencies, defense contractors, sports federations and other organizations. Esinware is a partner of a leading provider of cloud application performance monitoring (APM) and observability tools, which they frequently incorporate into the customized solutions they offer customers. Esinware operates in a highly competitive marketplace with many local players and must find innovative ways to prevail over much larger companies, many of which have headquarters or a subsidiary in Rome. Partnership with the globally renowned APM provider “was a very big opportunity for our company,” says Esinware’s managing director, Francesco Scalesse. He points out that, in addition to selling APM product licenses to customers, Esinware has recently begun offering professional services for those solutions as well. “This is by far the best APM product in the market, and they are investing year after year in improving the quality and functionality of the product.” This is important, because “the APM market is growing every year.”


To be successful in this environment, Esinware’s employees must be highly competent in the solutions they deploy and have the agility to respond to client requests quickly and decisively. “If a customer has a problem, we have to be able to solve it right away,” says Scalesse. “When a customer has a new need, it takes us less time to find and implement a solution compared to bigger companies.”

That’s why Esinware focuses on retaining qualified staff over the long term with a focus on work-life balance and invests heavily in employee training and certification. “From my point of view, continuous learning is very important and can help us differentiate from other businesses,” says Scalesse. He has set a goal of getting five or six employees certified in the APM solutions Esinware sells by Q1 2024. “Some of our competitors are multinationals, but they have just a few people certified.”


To raise employee skill levels even higher and work toward its certification goals, Esinware began using the APM provider’s partner portal a little under a year ago. The partner portal is an integral part of ZINFI’s industry-leading Unified Channel Management (UCM) platform. Vendors across the world in a comprehensive range of industries deploy integrated ZINFI UCM modules—often beginning by setting up a partner portal—to help manage complex global partner ecosystems, which are playing an increasingly vital role in the customer journey across a broad range of industries.

The ZINFI partner portal allows vendors to give partners like Esinware real-time digital access to their latest training and education modules, as well as their deal registration program, sales and marketing resources, competitive intelligence and much more. Currently, seven or eight members of Esinware’s technical team are using the ZINFI partner portal every week, sometimes more often, to hone their technical skills and earn certifications so they can provide clients with even higher levels of service.


“There are a lot of things I like very much about this portal,” says Scalesse. “First of all, I love the content, which is excellent and easy to access. There is lots of new content almost every week. The portal is also very user friendly. It is very, very well done. We have weekly meetings, and one of the points of these meetings is to discuss progress in our goals to become as proficient as possible in the vendor’s APM and observability technology.”

While Esinware’s current use of the ZINFI-powered partner portal is focused on the vendor’s content library, Scalesse hopes to explore other portal offerings in the future, including co-brandable email and social media campaigns, additional content from the video library, lead generation tools, deal registration, reporting and business intelligence tools, and more.

At a Glance

Partner Portal Erinware


Headquarters: Viale Bruno Buozzi 109, 00193 – Roma

Contact: Phone: 39 3489022936; email: [email protected]

Sectors: : Government agencies, defense industry, sports federations

Solutions Offered: Esinware provides Customized Software to their customers which is used for Digitalization of the procedures and processes.

Number of Employees: 12


  • Esinware offers IT solutions to government agencies, defense contractors and sports federations from its office in Rome, Italy


  • Esinware uses a leading APM provider’s partner portal, a core module of ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management platform, to offer partners like Esinware up-to-date training and certification digitally


  • Esinware is using the partner portal to train and certify its technical staff in specific APM and observability solutions; the increase in skills and competence helps Esinware maintain a competitive edge in the local marketplace

About Esinware

At Esinware, our goal is to create customized, flexible and integrated information systems that provide our customers with an efficient tool to improve business performance using the most advanced technologies. We offer broad expertise and experience in system integration, and our employees are highly skilled in content and document management, open source solutions, solutions in a Microsoft environment, information retrieval and information security management. For more information, visit us at


About ZINFI Technologies

ZINFI Technologies, Inc. a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Channel Management (UCM) innovation, enables vendors and their channel partners to achieve profitable growth predictably and rapidly on a worldwide level. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and founded by channel veterans with extensive global channel management experience, we at ZINFI see an immense opportunity to build high-performing sales channels by deploying an easy-to-use, comprehensive and innovative state-of-the-art SaaS Unified Channel Management automation platform that streamlines and manages the entire partner lifecycle through four core state-of-the-art SaaS applications — affiliate marketing management automation, partner relationship management automation, partner marketing management automation and partner incentives management automation. In 26 countries, these four core UCM SaaS applications are also locally supported by ZINFI’s global marketing services team members.

To access more information about ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management platform or to download a copy of ZINFI’s best practices guide on partner relationship management, please visit our website at You can also follow ZINFI Technologies on LinkedIn and at the ZINFI Channel Marketing Best Practices blog.


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