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System Integrator N-able Uses Partner Portal Technology Provided by ZINFI to Maintain an Edge in a Competitive Market in Sri Lanka

System Integrator N-able Uses Partner Portal Technology Provided by ZINFI to Maintain an Edge in a Competitive Market in Sri Lanka

N-able engineers use the Dynatrace partner portal to generate and track leads, store customer information, register deals, consult Dynatrace product information, and engage with self-guided training and certification programs

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N-able Private Limited (N-able), a system integrator in Sri Lanka, delivers IT infrastructure and services to a broad range of clients, including ISPs, banking and finance companies, large enterprises, government institutes and more. N-able is a partner and value-added reseller for the software intelligence company Dynatrace, which delivers end-to-end observability in an integrated AIOps and application security platform to accelerate cloud adoption.


As a business technology provider in a mature and competitive marketplace where prospects are operating on tight budgets, N-able’s primary challenge is to establish credibility with its prospects and customers. Currently, the IT market in Sri Lanka presents a number of challenges. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is facing significant economic problems. Some companies have cash flow issues, financing is more difficult to secure, margins are low, and some engineers and other professionals in the country have chosen to emigrate, leaving a gap in technical competence and making potential customers more wary as they consider enhancements to their technology infrastructure.

To compete, N-able keeps its focus on quality and competence. “In Sri Lanka, most IS providers are sales-driven,” says Asanga Lokuyaddage, Lead Consulting Engineer Network & Security at N-Able. “We are engineering-driven. We differentiate with excellence in delivery, the ability to complete projects on time and quality of work.” N-able also maintains an edge on the competition by being an innovator—continually investing in new technologies and products, including Dynatrace’s application performance monitor, their log management solution and, more recently, their security solutions.


As a Dynatrace partner, N-able has had access to the Dynatrace partner portal since 2018. The partner portal is an integral part of ZINFI’s end-to-end partner relationship management (PRM) software platform, which automates and integrates a comprehensive range of channel management activities. Onboarded partners can log into the portal to access a variety of co-brandable marketing and sales assets, integrated marketing campaigns, incentives programs and much more.

Members of N-able’s IT Infrastructure business unit use the Dynatrace partner portal to generate and track leads, store customer information, register deals, access product documentation, and take advantage of a variety of training tools, including webinars and product certification programs that take N-able’s engineers through self-guided training modules on specific Dynatrace products.

“Certification is one of our main goals, and the portal is helping us achieve that goal,” says Lokuyaddage. Because N-able engineers can get the training they need simply by logging onto the partner portal when they have time and learn at their own pace, they avoid the expense and inconvenience of travelling to in-person training sessions.  

Lokuyaddage is also enthusiastic about the partner portal’s deal registration capabilities. “I think it’s a very good benefit for both of us,” he says. “We get our deal protected from competitors. Dynatrace honors the deal and gets the sale, and we can track the whole process.”


The ZINFI partner portal is “very convenient and very easy to use,” according to Lokuyaddage. “Both the design and the performance are quite good. Whatever we need is easy to find. Also, the quality of the video and audio recordings is high, and there is no time lag.” The portal is helping N-able meet its business goals by offering a convenient and effective way for engineers to extend their competence and ensure the company delivers high-quality solutions to customers. N-able also plans to take advantage of other benefits offered by the portal, including assets in the Dynatrace content library and co-brandable marketing campaigns.

At a Glance

Partner Portal System Integrator N-able


Headquarters: No. 36, Bristol Street, Colombo 01, Western 001, LK, Sri Lanka

Contact: +94 114625 000 / 94770733742 (direct)

Industry: : System integration, IT infrastructure

Solution: Telecom infrastructure, data & analytics, cybersecurity & threat resilience, process automation, digital banking, app modernization & integration, data centre consulting and building, Internet of Things, virtualization & cloud, infrastructure application solutions, managed services

Solutions Offered Using ZINFI Platform: Dynatrace application performance management tools, log management solution and security solutions

Number of Employees: approximately 220


  • N-able, a Dynatrace partner, is a privately held solutions integrator providing a broad range of technology infrastructure and services to customers in banking, finance, telecommunications and other industries


  • N-able is using the partner portal—powered by ZINFI technology—to track leads, keep customer info up to date, register deals and access Dynatrace’s self-guided training and certification programs to enhance skills and deliver quality solutions punctually and competently


  • N-able now has a tangible way to demonstrate the competence and credibility of its engineering team; increased credibility = increased sales and revenue

About N-able

N-able is a technology solutions company which provides value-added business outcomes. N-able was founded in 2008, in Colombo, Sri Lanka and now operates out of Singapore, with a global market presence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, and East Asia. Over the years, our 220-plus team of skilled professionals have successfully delivered key technologically transformational projects, across the Telecommunications, Government, Banking and Finance, and Enterprise sectors, across the Asian region.

Our credentials range from large infrastructure projects such as TIER III Data Centres and island wide deployment of Government finance and taxation systems. We also forefront new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Data Analytics, to our global clientele. N-able is a global partner for many principal technology brands and bring the value addition of premium or higher-level partnerships to deliver integrated solutions to our customers. Visit us at


About ZINFI Technologies

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