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Unified Channel Management Best Practices:
A Guide To The Future Of The Channel Industry

Why Read This Book?

Channel management is a complex task. It involves programs, policies, people, platform and partners to achieve high performance. In today’s distributed global environment, it is essential to align organizational activities and resources to key partner needs to build a high-performance channel. This Guidebook addresses the entire partner lifecycle management, including best practices in channel recruitment, engagement, enablement and management.


Synopsis of Core Sections

Unified Channel Management (UCM) Emphasizes the importance of comprehensive, long-term strategy to tackle the enormous complexity of channel management in a global context, and explores key facets to consider to develop a truly unified channel marketing approach.
Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Explores various challenges including development of an integrated PRM framework, specific capabilities that best-of-breed PRM software should offer, how to select a PRM vendor and the importance of incentives management capabilities.
Partner Marketing Management (PMM) Provides an overview of what a successful deployment looks like on a global level, presenting several high-priority areas, the best ways to drive automation adoption, steps for empowering country teams using CMA and tips for using integrated tools.
Partner Sales Management (PSM) Focuses on enabling channel sales organization, as well as partners, with a set of necessary sales tools, methodologies and process steps to maximize closing at a substantially lower cost.
Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of the Unified Channel Management best practices Guidebook and learn how you can build a high-performing channel.
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