Onboarding Partner Ecosystems to Achieve Loyalty: Video Podcasts

Onboarding Partner Ecosystem to Achieve Loyalty

Feet on the Streets featuring Jay McBain

ZINFI’s Feet on the Street Podcast Series consists of educational conversations with influencers, industry leaders and channel executives across the world. In this series, we discuss evolving trends and discuss real-life customer challenges with partner relationship management and automation. Listen in to hear from these road warriors, with both feet on the street, discussing the dynamics of all aspects of Onboarding Partner Ecosystems.

  • Chapter 1: What is Channel Ecosystem and How it is Shaping the World
  • Chapter 2: Methods of Partner Onboarding to Drive Partner Loyalty
  • Chapter 3: Is the Onboarding Program the Same for all Types of partners?
  • Chapter 4: How to Track and Reward Channel Partners in a Mixed Partner Ecosystem
  • Chapter 5: How to Design a Global Partner Onboarding & Loyalty Program
  • Chapter 6: How do roles adapt when designing partner programs and who is doing it well?
  • Chapter 7: How Behavioural Change Impacts Specific Partner Ecosystems
  • Chapter 8: How Organizations are Redesigning Partner Ecosystems and Programs to Drive Loyalty
  • Chapter 9: Partner Ecosystem Onboarding and Loyalty Trends for 2023

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