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Channel Trivia: What Does the Acronym PRM Stand For?

Channel Trivia: What Does the Acronym PRM Stand For?

The most commonly used term in channel management is partner relationship management (PRM). However, the acronym PRM is used in many other contexts. Here is a short list of multiple meanings for the term PRM; however, the majority of them do not apply to channel management.

PRM       Partner Relationship Management

PRM       Partidul Romania Mare (Romania Mare Party)

PRM       Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (US State Department)

PRM       Professional Risk Manager

PRM       Project Resource Manual (formerly CSI Manual of Practice)

PRM       Precision Runway Monitor

PRM       Performance Reference Model

PRM       Packet Radio Measurement (Internet protocol)

PRM       Public Relations Manager

PRM       Project Risk Management

PRM       Programmer's Reference Manual

PRM       Protocol Reference Model

PRM       Patient Relationship Manager (electronic medical records)

PRM       Pre-Regulator Module

PRM       Partnership Relationship Management

PRM       Performance Report Message

PRM       Presidential Review Memorandum

PRM       Proactive Risk Manager (ACI Worldwide, Inc.)

PRM       Physician Relationship Management

PRM       Pressurized Rescue Module (US Navy)

PRM       Pulse Rate Modulation

PRM       Proactive Reliability Maintenance

PRM       Prevention Reference Manuals (EPA)

PRM       Passenger with Reduced Mobility (EU policies)

PRM       Power Range Monitor

PRM       Probabilistic Resilient Multicast (data recovery scheme)

PRM       Pacific Rim Marketing

PRM       Pattern Recognition Molecule (immunology)

PRM       Personal Radiation Monitor

PRM       Process Radiation Monitor

PRM       Pulse Ratio Modulation

PRM       Personnel Readiness Manager

PRM       Paint Related Materials

PRM       Policy & Requirements Manual

PRM       Port Reduction Method

PRM       Petition/Proposal for Rulemaking

PRM       Process Reliability Management

PRM       Project Resource Manager

PRM       Precision Radiation Measurement

PRM       Page Rank Metric

PRM       Pattern Reference Model

PRM       Pulse Repetition per Minute

PRM       Program Requirements Manager

PRM       Probabilistic Risk Monitor

PRM       Print Registration Mark

PRM       Physical Rule Model

PRM       Power Rangers Megaforce (gaming)

PRM       Personal Relationship Manager (various organizations)

PRM       Pipe Rack Module (transportation)

PRM       Pitt Rivers Museum (UK)

PRM       Planning and Resource Management (various organizations)

PRM       Planning Reserve Margin (various organizations)

PRM       Poisson Regression Model (computational mathematics)

PRM       People with Reduced Mobility

PRM       Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

PRM       Person Responsible for Maintenance (various organizations)

PRM       Park and Recreation Management (various schools)

PRM       Process Rights Management (various organizations)

PRM       Prog Rock and Metal (music)

PRM       Project Review Meeting (various locations)

PRM       Public Relations and Marketing (various organizations)


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