New Strategies for Channel Management Best Practices Guide

How to build new approaches for building and managing your evolving partner ecosystem

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New Strategies for Channel Management Best Practices book

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Channel Management is the epicenter for building and enabling successful partner ecosystems. But times have changed, and so must do strategies and programs. The dynamics of these ecosystems are complex so approaches and software utilization must also adjust.

This Guide defines the fundamentals of channel management and highlights the changes taking place that should be matched to new strategies for managing and collaborating with Partner Ecosystems. Read on to learn how to utilize channel management software and partner relationship management functionality to engage, onboard, retain and build on these partnerships.

Download this Guide to learn:

  • What exactly is channel management?
  • The core components of channel management strategies
  • How to leverage channel management software to engage and grow your partner ecosystem
  • The changing dynamics of partner ecosystems and how to adjust channel management strategies to address this evolution
  • The role of AI in channel management – hype v. reality?

Chapters covered in this New Strategies for Channel Management Best Practices Guide

What is Channel Management?

Channel management is a discipline whereby vendors fulfill demand for products or services through an “ecosystem” of partners. In this chapter, we present the five core phases of channel management, and then discuss six specific channel functions organizations must be able to carry out to build a high-functioning channel.

The Six “C” s of Channel Management

We explore six key areas of focus in channel management, including the creation of curated programs and relevant content, communication in recruitment and with existing partners, connecting regularly with partners, regular cooperation and collaboration with partners, and commerce that entails buying and selling at scale.

What is Channel Management Software?

What core capabilities should any channel automation solution offer? We provide an overview of the tools you need to effectively recruit, onboard and train partners, as well as generate demand and manage partner performance in an ecosystem consistently increasingly dominated by mobility.

New Channel Management Strategies for Collaborating with Partner Ecosystems

Effective collaboration with partners requires different strategies for transacting and non-transacting partners — and adding to the complexity is the fact that there are different types of non-transacting partners. Learn how partner management software can help you support these partnerships.

Channel Management Best practices for Transacting Partners

While the world of non-transacting partners is growing quickly, 75% of global trade still goes through transacting channels and requires careful channel management. Key considerations in this area include digital transformation, data sharing and analytics, co-selling and co-marketing, and mobility.

What AI Means for Channel Management Software — Is It Hype or Reality?

How will artificial intelligence be felt in the domain of channel management automation? We suggest a few areas where AI will play a key role, including hyper-personalization, analysis of historical performance data, and the analysis of sales data/trends and customer behavior to inform pricing models and strategy. We also provide an overview of challenges AI is likely to pose to ensure responsible and effective use of the technology.

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