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Multi-Partner Demand Generation Best Practices

Multi-Partner Demand Generation Best Practices:

A Guide to Achieve Positive Return on Investment

Why Read This Guide?

Multi-partner demand generation can be complex, and many organizations fail to run successful programs consistently. Vendors who succeed have a clear strategy and a comprehensive understanding of integrated marketing techniques and campaigns that are closely aligned with partner types and partner competencies. They also have developed an understanding of the core components of an effective automation platform, and are committed to monitoring and learning from key performance metrics.

This guidebook explains everything you need to know about planning and executing multi-partner demand generation programs and achieving positive return on investment.

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Synopsis of Core Sections
Why do most multi-partner demand generation programs fail? Which tactics work best in particular situations? How can automation help, and what key factors should I consider when considering an investment in technology? The Multi-Partner Demand Generation Best Practices Guidebook will answer these questions and countless others to help you refine your programs and make the most of your partner network.
In addition to providing numerous partner marketing best practices and practical advice based on years of experience working with vendor organizations across the world, this guidebook explains in detail the tactics and technology necessary to run multi-partner demand generation programs that are efficient and cost-effective, and generate the highest ROI.

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  • Global: ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management (PMM) platform is supported not only in multiple languages, but with localized resources in various countries around the world.