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Partner Relationship Management Best Practices:
How to Build a High-Performing Channel

Why Read This Book?

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) comprises an entire set of complex activities involving partner programs, policies, people and platform, with the ultimate goal of driving partner performance and satisfaction higher. However, in today’s global environment that is no small task. It is essential to have the right policies and programs in place; additionally, it is critical to have the right PRM platform to streamline both internal activities as well as how a company does business with its partners. If your organization is considering a way to transform your business digitally to reach a higher level of performance, then this is a must-read Guidebook.


Synopsis of Core Sections

Unified Channel Management (UCM): Emphasizes the importance of comprehensive, long-term strategy to tackle the complexities of channel management in a global context; and explores key facets to developing a truly unified channel marketing approach.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM): Explores various challenges including development of an integrated PRM framework, specific capabilities that best-of-breed PRM software should offer, how to select a PRM vendor and the importance of incentives management capabilities.

Next Generation Partner Portal: Unveils various aspects of setting up a partner portal and lead management system, including what works and what doesn’t . Also covered –  future trends of partner portal design and development, as well as how to drive partner usage locally and globally.

Partner Incentives Management: Working for small to large enterprises, we have seen repeatedly when partner incentives are set up right (and aligned with rest of the channel program), true channel magic happens. This section covers the do’s and don’ts of partner incentives management.

Making Partner Relationship Work: Deep dives into how to make partner relationships work. Partners are the life line of a channel centric organization, and it is incredibly important to understand how to make partners successful.

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Partner Relationship Management Best Practices Guide

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