Referral Management

Enable your affiliate partners to register referrals manually or automatically via link and advertising referrals. Automatically map each referral to a specific commission payment structure for both marketing and sales activities. Set up business rules to route referrals for automatic or manual approval flow.

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Referral Management module


Referral Pricebook Management

Referral Pricebook Management

With the Referral Pricebook Management module, organizations can create custom price books for affiliates or resellers and configure commission rates at both the pricebook and product level.

Custom configured pricebooks are ideal for organizations offering products or services at different prices to different affiliate partners.

Key Features Include:
  • Pricebook level commission rate
  • Product level commission rate
  • Multi currency pricing/commission


My Affiliate Account Management

The My Affiliate Account Management module makes it easy for organizations and partners to manage the details of affiliate users and configure access rights to those details.

The module allows partners’ admin users to modify company details as necessary while providing non-admin users with a read-only view.

Key Features Include:
  • User details management
  • Referral partner account details management
  • Profile-based access
Referral My Affiliate Account


Registered Referrals

Referral Registrations

The Referral Registrations module allows partners to quickly create and register a referral by completing a one- page referral registration form.

Calculation of commissions is fully automated to save time and reduce costs, and the module can be configured to accommodate both single- and multi-level approval processes.

Key Features Include:
  • Single Page Referral Form
  • Instant Earned Commission Calculation
  • Single- and multi-level approval


Module dependencies:

This module has the following dependencies on other modules, in order to get the full capabilities from it: