Partner Training Management

ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software has an integrated approach towards Partner Training Management. Creation of effective training material is only the beginning of a successful training program. The real challenge begins with getting partners’ mindshare and making content available in an easy to consume format. ZINF’s Partner Training Management application allows a vendor to provide multiple training materials, track engagement progress and certify partners via an integrated assessment tool.

Partner Training Management


ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform provides you with a dynamic SCORM compliant Training module to deliver content to your partners in a dynamic manner. We can assist you by implementing a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) for online training and marketing. Your training content can be given away for free or sold at a pre-determined price. ZINFI’s platform allows your partners to engage in your training at the highest levels by providing the following:

Key Features Include:

  • On-Demand Playback Experience – The intuitive playback controls makes viewing of video content a smooth and seamless experience. The bookmark feature helps those being trained to come back to the points, which they have marked earlier. This allows your partners to view your trainings when they have the time available to them.
  • Customizable Presentation Viewer – We can customize your presentation viewer in areas such as skin, color, texture, and arrangement of windows and the user can easily modify them.
  • Training Assessment and Retention – You can also set up quizzes that assess the attendee’s comprehension and retention of the training video’s content.
  • Training Reports – You can view a list of all registered viewers, attendee details, and courses purchased by your partners.

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