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Partners Profile Management

Partners Profile Management

The Partners Profile Management module of ZINFI’s UCM platform enables a unified approach to global partner management. The module helps organizations identify the key elements of a structured channel program and develop clear channel policies so partners know exactly what they need to do to perform successfully and how their performance will be measured and rewarded. The Partner Management module helps you develop clear programs that address both technical and non-technical aspects of channel marketing.

Partner Profile Management

The Partners Profile Management module allows your organization to manage channel partner profiles more quickly and effectively. Channel management team members can quickly create partner records in the system, including business information such as partner type and company, prospect information, contacts and accounts. Easily track detailed partner profile information as well as sales history, lead generation and other channel program-related activities.

Key Features Include:

  • Partner list upload and management
  • Partner entity management
  • Partner contacts management

Global Partner Management

Use ZINFI’s UCM platform to recruit, onboard, train and manage your partners globally. Drive profitable growth and increase your channel ROI by having an accurate picture of what is working and what is not. The platform makes it easy for you to determine which partners are on track to become high performers and which partners need extra help. With better visibility into partner performance, your regional and field organizations can target their efforts more precisely and with better results. The platform supports multiple languages and ZINFI provides localized resources in various countries around the world, drives partner engagement and satisfaction.

Key Features Include:

  • Partner alignment with business models
  • Efficient onboarding and development of global partners
  • Deployment across all services
  • Partner notifications
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