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ZINFI Releases New Complimentary Guidebook on Lead Management Best Practices

ZINFI Releases New Complimentary Guidebook on Lead Management Best Practices Using ZINFI’s UCM Platform and SugarCRM

Latest guidebook in the ZINFI series focuses on lead management best practices and automation, and provides detailed instructions for seamlessly integrating the ZINFI UCM and SugarCRM platforms

Pleasanton, CA — December 03, 2019 — ZINFI Technologies, Inc., a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions, today announced it is offering a complimentary download of its latest guidebook on channel marketing automation, Lead Management Using ZINFI UCM and SugarCRM®.

The new guidebook is a comprehensive guide to lead management for organizations that market and sell solutions in a channel environment. Vendors often fail to run successful lead management programs, primarily because they fail to take the requirements and incentives of their partner base into account. Lead Management Using ZINFI UCM and SugarCRM is designed to help organizations avoid these pitfalls and develop strong programs based on the fundamental principles of lead management, so they can do a better job of organizing, prioritizing, following up on and closing leads before they go cold.

Topics covered in the guidebook include basic strategies for lead management, organization of lead management programs, stages of lead management, why a strong lead management system is critical for sales in the channel and the key components of lead management software. The guidebook also provides on overview of lead management workflow automation, and includes detailed instructions for integrating ZINFI’s UCM platform with SugarCRM for conducting seamless and comprehensive lead management from within either system.

The last section of the guidebook introduces the concept of Unified Channel Management, explores the core and expanded modules of ZINFI’s UCM platform, and also provides brief descriptions of each of the modules included in ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM), partner marketing management (PMM) and partner sales management (PSM) platforms.

lead-management-zinfi-ucm-sugarcrm-best-practices“For organizations marketing and selling in a channel environment, lead management is a crucial function. Even though vendors may spend millions of dollars generating awareness and inbound leads, they often struggle to distribute and follow up on those leads in an effective way, and as a result they fail to maximize ROI.” said Sugata Sanyal, CEO and founder of ZINFI Technologies. “Lead management strategy needs to be partner-focused and closely aligned with your overall channel marketing objectives. Our new guidebook gives vendors all the knowledge and tools they need to build an effective lead management program, and it provides important insights into lead management automation, including a detailed guide to integrating ZINFI’s industry-leading channel marketing automation platform with SugarCRM.”

The complimentary guidebook, Lead Management Using ZINFI UCM and SugarCRM, can be downloaded here.

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