Lead Management Using ZINFI UCM and SugarCRM

A guide to building more effective lead management programs through better planning and automation

Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of the Lead Management Using ZINFI UPM and SugarCRM Best Practices Guidebook and learn how you can Acquire and Manage Leads Efficiently.

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Why Read This Guide?

For organizations marketing and selling in the channel, lead management is a crucial business function, bridging marketing and sales through a combination of people, process and automation. However, many lead management programs fail because they are organized around the needs of the vendor rather than the needs of the vendor’s partner base. Helping partners achieve profitability and protecting partners’ interest should be the core drivers of any lead management effort. This guidebook helps you understand common mistakes organizations make in developing a lead management program, providing succinct advice based on years of hard-won experience working with vendors of every size and in every industry. If you are ready to take a more systematic approach to your lead management program, read this guidebook. It begins with a comprehensive overview of lead management in the channel marketing ecosystem, and then discusses a variety of effective strategies and approaches based on different product/solution types. The guidebook also explains the entire process of automating your lead management workflow and connecting to a CRM system.

Want to expand your channel? Use ZINFI PRM

Modular: PRM comes with a comprehensive set of twelve individual modules, but you can pick and choose what you need. This allows you to start automating your channel activities based on the defined processes you have today, but as you define more channel programs, policies and processes, ZINFI’s PRM platform grows with you at no additional cost.

Adaptive: PRM platform can be quickly configured to fit into your existing infrastructure, connect to other available sub-systems, but also give you the flexibility change or modify them based on your regional and global needs. This unique ability to have different work flows in different regions allow you to tailor your channel management approaches around the world based on local needs.

Intelligent:PRM platform gives you an integrated 360 degree view of your channel program, policies and processes to drive your partner performance. The more modules you turn on, the better business intelligence you can gather and correlate programs and policies to high performing partners and partner tiers. This intelligent approach to channel management enables you to build a high performing channel.

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