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Telecommunications Integrator IPCOM Uses ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management Platform to Create Campaigns and Boost Sales

Telecommunications Integrator IPCOM Uses ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management Platform to Create Campaigns and Boost Sales

IPCOM uses partner marketing management tools from ZINFI to develop customized, co-branded marketing campaigns for Hybrid Cloud solutions

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One of the primary challenges IPCOM faces, according to marketing coordinator Vanessa Atonal, is a misguided perception that the Red Hat solutions are simply too expensive and that prospective customers lack the budget to buy them. IPCOM wanted to develop a series of marketing campaigns that could help reverse this perception by communicating with prospects about the value and benefits of Red Hat solutions and emphasizing the ROI those solutions can generate even in a short period of time.


As part of its Partner Connect program designed to help partners learn more about its products and market and sell them more efficiently, Red Hat provides its global partner network with access to a variety of marketing and sales enablement tools that are part of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform. These tools are made available through the Red Hat partner portal, where partners can find turnkey email campaigns for Red Hat products, co-brand and customize campaigns for the specific markets they are selling to, and automatically deploy campaigns to increase demand and generate more leads and sales. The Red Hat campaigns, says IPCOM’s Atonal, are “attractive and easy to deploy, and they help me maintain consistent communication with my prospects. All of the available high-quality content in the portal increases my open rates, which means more hot leads.”

Atonal also makes frequent use of the reporting features of ZINFI’s partner marketing management solution—also available through the Red Hat partner portal—to monitor and measure prospects’ engagement with the campaigns. Among other insights, “the reports module has given me a better idea of how to segment my customers so I can offer the most appropriate solutions to them,” she says.


The two campaigns that Atonal has run so far using tools from the ZINFI platform immediately “helped me identify new opportunities and generate sales pipeline,” she says. “One campaign generated $25,000 in sales pipeline from one prospect alone.”

ZINFI’s marketing automation tools have helped IPCOM and Atonal quickly develop attractive campaigns using relevant content from Red Hat, and the campaigns are helping the reseller do a better job engaging and selling to both current clients and new prospects. While Atonal has used partner portals from other telecommunications companies, “the content is not attractive at all.” The Red Hat content provided through the ZINFI-powered partner portal is working, and Atonal says she would “definitely recommend” ZINFI technology to other organizations like hers.


Founded in 2006 in Mexico City, IPCOM is one of Mexico’s leading integrators and resellers of information and telecommunications technology. IPCOM helps organizations in the finance, retail and education sectors control costs, increase productivity, streamline processes and ensure business continuity through the use of tools from some of the world’s leading information technology companies. IPCOM is a Red Hat partner, and it recently began using ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform to market and sell Red Hat OpenShift—a hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform—as well as other Red Hat solutions.

At a Glance


Headquarters: Maria 200, Mexico City, Mexico
Vertical: Telecommunications
Sectors: Finance, retail and education
Solutions Offered Using ZINFI Platform: Red Hat OpenShift, API and banking solutions
Number of Employees: 5 actively selling, 20 total


  • IPCOM is one of Mexico’s leading integrators and resellers of information and telecommunications technology to businesses in the finance, retail and education sectors


  • IPCOM is using co-brandable marketing campaigns from Red Hat—accessible via partner marketing management (PMM) technology provided by ZINFI—to increase prospect awareness, generate leads and build the sales pipeline


  • The two campaigns IPCOM has run so far using the ZINFI/Red Hat partner portal has helped the company identify new opportunity and build the sales pipeline, including $25,000 from a single prospect alone


Founded in 2006, IPCOM is a leading telecommunications and information technology integrator and reseller in Mexico. In its work with companies in the financial, health and education sectors, as well as with government entities, IPCOM helps organizations control costs, increase productivity, streamline processes and ensure business continuity through a variety of information technology tools. IPCOM’s mission is to integrate information technologies that generate value to customers, maximizes their performance, and contributes to their efficiency and productivity. For more information, visit

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