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Elevating Partnership Leaders and Pioneering the Science of Partnering, featuring Asher Mathew

Elevating Partner Ecosystem with the Science of Partnering

Join Sugata Sanyal, CEO of ZINFI, and Asher Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Partnership Leaders, in discussing the importance of elevating partnership leaders and pioneering the science of partnering. They cover industry trends, strategies, and operations, providing insights for success.

  • Chapter 1: Pioneering the Science of Partnering: Rethinking Operations & Strategies for Success
  • Chapter 2: Scaling SaaS Companies: When & How to Build a Partner Network for Optimal Growth
  • Chapter 3: Community-Based Learning Model to Empower Next-Gen Partnership Leaders
  • Chapter 4: Empowering Partner Ecosystems through Collaboration, Loyalty, and Automation

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