Collaborating with Distributors to Build Ecosystems: Video Podcasts

Collaborating with Distributors to Build Ecosystems with Larry Walsh

The Cornerstone of a Partner Ecosystem

Channel ecosystems are becoming more evolved yet more distributed and diverse. There is an inherent need to invest in a partner ecosystem. This video podcast examines the role of distribution within this evolving distributor marketing environment. ZINFI’s CEO Sugata Sanyal joins forces with Larry Walsh, Industry Influencer and CEO of Channelnomics, for a lively debate on the new position of distribution in today’s multi-channel ecosystem, channel marketing management, and how it has found a new platform and value proposition in this environment.

  • Chapter 1: What is a Partner Distribution Ecosystem?
  • Chapter 2: Distribution’s Role in Today’s Ecosystems
  • Chapter 3: Distribution Models in a SaaS World
  • Chapter 4: Device-centric Distribution vs Cloud-centric Offerings
  • Chapter 5: The Dynamics of SaaS Organizations & Distribution
  • Chapter 6: Deglobalization Trends: The effect on Global Distributors
  • Chapter 7: The Role of AI in Distribution Markets

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