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Navigating Hyper-scaler Ecosystems: Strategies for Success

In this podcast discussion between Sugata Sanyal, CEO of ZINFI, Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys, and Darryl Oliver, Director of Ingram Micro Cloud, they explore the evolving landscape of hyper-scaler ecosystems and their impact on the channel. They emphasize the importance of understanding the dynamics of cloud platforms, the need for trusted advisors and partners, and the role of automation in streamlining vendor and partner engagements.

About Feet on the Street Podcast Series:

ZINFI’s Feet on the Street Podcast Series consists of educational conversations with influencers, industry leaders, and channel executives across the world.

Video Podcast: Navigating Hyper-scaler Ecosystems: Strategies for Success

Chapter 1: Changing Landscape of Hyperscaler Ecosystems and Cloud-Powered Solutions

Jay McBain, Canalys’ chief analyst, and Darrell Oliver, Ingram Microcloud’s director, analyze how hyperscalers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google have transformed the tech landscape with scalable cloud solutions. They also discuss the role of SaaS players, partners, and alliances, highlighting how Ingram Micro bridges the digital gap by offering solutions through its partner ecosystem.

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Chapter 2: Hyperscaler Ecosystems and the Multi-Cloud Revolution: Unveiling the Power of Partnerships

Jay McBain examines the diverse hyperscaler ecosystems of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, underscoring their economic value and multi-layered nature. Darryl Oliver highlights the rapid growth of cloud trends, while Jay McBain emphasizes the importance of distributor-led channel orchestration for successful customer outcomes. The hyperscaler marketplaces are projected to transact $45 billion by 2025.

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Chapter 3: Automation and Orchestration: Streamlining Vendor and Partner Engagement in a Rapidly Growing Ecosystem

The discussion focuses on the strategies and challenges in creating a successful vendor and partner engagement ecosystem. Darryl Oliver stresses the importance of understanding potential partners’ technology, transaction models, and channel readiness. He emphasizes that leveraging platforms, scalability, and effective partner relationship management are critical for long-term success.

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