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Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Organizations selling through the channel need to focus on building core processes related to partner relationship management (PRM). Typically, partner relationship management activities include partner recruitment, onboarding, training, marketing enablement, sales enablement and incentives management. The nature of these activities varies considerably across industry verticals. Also, there are various types of channel partners—including dealers, agents, resellers, franchisees and so on—depending on the vertical in question.

ZINFI is an industry leader providing a Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform that comprises SaaS applications for Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Partner Marketing Management (PMM) and Affiliate Marketing Management (AMM). Partner relationship management is a foundational application for UPM. It establishes the partner portal as the gateway through which a vendor connects and communicates with its partner base. PRM also tends to come with a cluster of core applications.

The following is a brief overview of PRM modules that are provided in ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM) SaaS application platform.

PRM Modules

  • Partner Onboarding Programs Management

    Automate your partner onboarding process through contracts, business planning, training, marketing and sales activities to reduce cost and improve partner experience

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  • Partner Contracts Management

    You can dynamically manage and keep track of all of the contractual documents that your partners sign during the various phases of partner engagement cycle

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  • Partner Business Planning

    Your partner business managers (PBMs)/channel account managers (CAMs) have the ability to do business planning, keep track and make sure partners are following the plan

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  • Partner Learning Management

    This allows you to manage your partner training and certification by various partner tiers, etc., and grow your partner competencies in a systematic way

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  • Partner Leads Management

    You can turn on deal registration and manage the approval of deals, etc. This module can also be connected to your existing CRM infrastructure for seamless review and approval

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  • Deals Registration Management

    Automate deal registration, and integrate data about opportunities and deals with your internal CRM

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  • Configure Price Quote Management

    This module can allow special pricing and quotes approval from partner sales reps to your channel reps and channel management team members

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  • Channel Data Management

    Use this module to access point-of-sales data from distributors and resellers to track performance by region, territory, reseller and product, and to proactively manage inventory

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