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ZINFI Releases Advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Functionalities for its Unified Channel Management Platform

ZINFI Releases Advanced Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Functionalities for its Unified Channel Management Platform

ZINFI’s partner sales management platform is now fully equipped with an advanced configure price quote (CPQ) capability that allows the creation of multiple price books tied to various partner profiles

Pleasanton, CA — November 02, 2017 — ZINFI Technologies, Inc.,a company leading the definition and creation of Unified Channel Management (UCM) solutions, today announced the release of advanced configure price quote (CPQ) capabilities for its partner sales management (PSM) platform. The new enterprise-grade configure price quote (CPQ) capabilities will help partners achieve faster turnaround on accurate pricing approval from their vendors.

Configure Price Quote CPQ Advanced“Today, most companies selling through the channel rely on multiple point solutions that are patched together to enable their channel partners to sell products and solutions,” said Sugata Sanyal, founder and CEO of ZINFI. “Our newly released advanced configure price quote (CPQ) capability will allow an organization selling through the channel to provide multiple price books to various partner groups—such as platinum, gold and silver—while seamlessly integrating with workflows for lead management, purchase order and invoicing, and incentives management. ZINFI introduced CPQ capabilities for its Unified Channel Management platform more than a year ago. Now we are introducing enterprise-grade CPQ by leveraging the dynamic partner profile and grouping capabilities that are truly unique to our platform.”

ZINFI’s latest release of its configure price quote (CPQ) capability will include the following advanced features:

  • Partner profile integration – ZINFI is enhancing its granular access management capabilities by various partner groups, and its CPQ module now will integrate with the platform’s partner profile manager
  • Dynamic approval management – Based on its multi-tenant platform architecture, ZINFI allows “n” level approval management and cascading of various approval rule sets
  • Opportunity management & deal integration – ZINFI has enhanced its ability to integrate CPQ flow with its current lead management capabilities, which include dynamic opportunity management and deal registration integration
  • Purchase order & invoicing – In this advanced release, ZINFI enables users to attach purchase orders and integrate system-based invoicing using built-in pre-approval management
  • Incentives integration – ZINFI’s current release also enables organizations to integrate their partner incentive management process with its lead management and CPQ capabilities in a seamless way

In a recently released report, SiriusDecisions, a major analyst firm, notes that the ZINFI partner relationship management application is well-positioned to address channel globalization, with “the greatest footprint outside of North America of all the pure-play PRM vendors evaluated. In addition, ZINFI’s platform natively supports more languages and currencies than the other platforms.” The report also praises ZINFI’s focus on integration with other channel management automation systems, offering “discrete PRM, CMM and CSM platforms that also can be seamlessly integrated. This positions ZINFI as the only vendor with a native platform across these three core application areas.” In addition, the report highlights ZINFI’s “simple, all-inclusive pricing approach [which] provides a very strong competitive advantage. Other solutions, which charge by license or user, can get very expensive as the supplier’s partner ecosystem grows.” To access the full SiriusDecisions SiriusView report on partner relationship management platforms, click here.

ZINFI was also among the select group of companies that Forrester recently invited to participate in its 2016 Forrester Wave™ evaluation of partner relationship management platform vendors. According to the report, “ZINFI’s PRM solution is particularly strong in some of the foundational elements of PRM, specifically its robust support for partner taxonomy/typing and partner tier management.” The report adds, “ZINFI is extending the definition of PRM – its solution portfolio extends beyond PRM.”.

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