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Affiliate Marketing Management

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Affiliate Marketing Management Best Practices Guidebook

More about this Best Practices Guide on Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a significant business opportunity gaining a lot of attention across partner ecosystems with the potential for infinite scale and profitability, but it also can be overwhelming. The landscape of affiliate marketing is wide and diverse, and partners need customized support and management to thrive.

This Best Practices Guide on Affiliate Marketing is designed to help you navigate your way through this evolving world. It will help you understand what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how to recruit and how to manage your partnerships, and we’ll share lots of hands-on best practices.

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  • How Affiliate Marketing Partners are changing the face of channel ecosystems
  • The revenue potential of an Affiliate Partner Program
  • Best practices in recruiting Affiliate Marketing Partners for your business
  • The role of Partner Relationship Management in Affiliate Marketing
  • Ways to leverage Affiliate Marketing Management Software to help with recruitment and enablement

Chapters covered in this Affiliate Marketing Best Practices Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing Management?

Affiliate marketing management software has been around for more than a couple of decades now. As the world gets more and more distributed and gig-working becomes mainstream, we will continue to see the rise of independent consultants, bloggers, influencers, and other professionals to garner audiences of their own, which they will then leverage for monetization by promoting single or multiple brands. These independent consultants and bloggers are sometimes called “affiliates” of a brand, and their activity to generate awareness as well as demand for a brand is called affiliate marketing. In this chapter, we will primarily on explaining, at a high level, what affiliate marketing is and how it functions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Management Software Work?

Affiliate marketing management software focuses on building and managing a thriving affiliate network through automation. Affiliate marketing has existed for ages. However, with the advent of the Internet, a variety of new communication channels have appeared and have led to the emergence of marketing and sales automation tools, including a whole new category of software called affiliate marketing management (AMM) software. In this chapter, we will explore how affiliate marketing management software actually works

Strategies for Recruiting Partners

If you are an organization currently selling or planning to sell via a partner network, one of the core pillars for your go-to-market strategy will be how to recruit affiliate marketing partners. Over the past few decades— from Amway and Herbal Life to YouTube vloggers to the evolution of large technology ecosystems—affiliate marketing has gone mainstream. In this chapter, we will explore how you can bring a structured approach to the process of building your affiliate marketing network.

How to Use PRMs to Manage Commission Payments to Your Partners?

Over the past several decades we have seen the rise of affiliate networks in parallel with the rise of software for partner relationship management or PRM, which can be a highly effective platform for managing such networks. Affiliate networks have existed for centuries, starting with early evangelists in almost every religion who spread the holy word from one part of the world to another. We’ve seen the rise of commercial affiliates where, in exchange for promoting a company’s product or brand, the affiliates earn a commission. In this chapter, we will discuss how PRM software can help recruitment, onboarding, training, payment, and management of an affiliate network.

How to Use Partner Management Software to Automate Onboarding?

With rapid changes in technology, continued deglobalization and the redefinition of supply chains, the channel as we know it will transform our economies in terms of both demand and supply. That’s why onboarding of partners on a continuous and regular basis will become a central theme for most organizations, and onboarding is an important area is where partner management software can be a tremendous help.

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