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Partner Ecosystem Elevating Partnership Leaders

Elevating Partnership Leaders and Pioneering the Science of Partnering

Join Sugata Sanyal, CEO of ZINFI, and Asher Mathew, co-founder and CEO of Partnership Leaders, in discussing the importance of elevating partnership leaders and pioneering the science of partnering. They cover industry trends, strategies, and operations, providing insights for success.

About Feet on the Street Podcast Series:

ZINFI’s Feet on the Street Podcast Series consists of educational conversations with influencers, industry leaders and channel executives across the world. In this series, we discuss evolving trends and discuss real-life customer challenges with partner relationship management and automation.

Video Podcast: Elevating Partnership Leaders and Pioneering the Science of Partnering

Chapter 1: Pioneering the Science of Partnering: Rethinking Operations & Strategies for Success

In a recent HubSpot report, it was found that partner leaders spend too much time on operational tasks such as attribution reporting, when their time is better spent building consensus within their organization, mapping out the progression of people, and understanding data strategy.

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Chapter 2: Scaling SaaS Companies: When & How to Build a Partner Network for Optimal Growth

SaaS startups should establish their direct go-to-market strategy before partnering. Once they achieve a repeatable direct motion with around $10 million ARR, they can benefit from partnerships. It’s crucial to define ideal partner profiles and invest in industry-benchmarked partnership leaders for a successful partner network.

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Chapter 3: Community-Based Learning Model to Empower Next-Gen Partnership Leaders

Three key factors influencing the business landscape include rapid technological change, market fragmentation, and lack of state-of-the-art leadership principles. Partnership Leaders aims to address these challenges by focusing on community-based learning, understanding great partner leaders and programs, and fostering strategic partnerships to generate indirect revenue.

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Chapter 4: Empowering Partner Ecosystems through Collaboration, Loyalty, and Automation

This conversation highlights the importance of understanding direct motion, differentiation, partner economics, and building loyalty in a partner ecosystem. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes including partner leaders in go-to-market teams, ensuring a sense of belonging, and supporting their growth.

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Partner Onboarding: Best Practices

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Download this Guidebook to learn how to develop an efficient, automated program that quickly engages and enables new partners.

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