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Incentivize Your Partners For Higher Performance

Partner Incentives Management

Rewarding your partners for partner program activities is critical for success. The Incentives Management model allows you to automate your incentive programs – including market development funds, rewards, rebates, commissions and more – across the entire partner journey. Reward high-performing partners and incentivize high-potential partners to perform better.

Partner Incentives Management module

Business Benefits

  • Align

    Select the right partner program for right partner groups and functions to ensure your programs are highly targeted and effective. Design your incentives programs and roll them out by partner groups and profiles across multiple geographies and programs.

  • Reward

    Roll out proper incentives in the form of loyalty points or cash rewards or rebates to drive partner performance. Ensure marketing, sales, technical and services campaigns are effective and linked to performance-driven campaigns and incentives.

  • Maximize

    Handing out money is easy, but incentivizing performance that drives ROI on program investment is hard. Use ZINFI’s advanced analytical capabilities to determine how to maximize return across partner groups and various partner programs.

Feature Modules

  • Commissions Management

    Track partner performance and pay commissions for referrals, leads, deals and transactions

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  • Market Development Funds Management

    Incentivize partners to run campaigns by leveraging market development funds

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  • Sales Rewards Management

    Reward your partner sales reps with specialized incentives and loyalty points

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  • Rebates Management

    Provide backend rebates for achieving end-of-quarter stretch goals

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  • Personalization

    Design incentive programs that are targeted to the right partners in the right way. With ZINFI’s incentive management solutions, you can design programs that not only work but also optimize ROI. Design, deploy and manage programs that are aligned with all of your relevant partner relationship management activities.

  • Integrated

    ZINFI’s incentive management solution allows you to design sales commissions, rewards, rebates and market development funds programs in a fully integrated fashion. Stair-step your partners through ZINFI’s onboarding module and incentivize partners with various programs tied to their activities and performance. Track results in an integrated way.

  • Optimized

    Ensure your partner management activities – such as business planning, deal registration, demand generation, training and certifications – are aligned with your partner incentive programs. Run integrated programs end-to-end so your partners see financial rewards tied directly to the activities they perform.

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