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Partner Portal Management

Successful channel programs require effective communication and collaboration between your organization and your diverse network of partners. With our partner portal management (PPM) tools, you can ensure your partners stay active and engaged by providing them with relevant co-brandable assets and product/sales documentation, soliciting regular feedback, facilitating collaboration and teamwork, offering timely and responsive support when issues arise, and making it easy for end-users to find the right partner for their particular needs.

Partner Portal Management module

Business Benefits

  • Communicate and Execute

    Communicate directly with partners, end-users and other channel stakeholders & capture their activities through email and social syndication. ZINFI’s PPM platform makes it easy for you to connect with fellow administrators and salespeople. You can ask questions and get instant answers from your peers and experts. Keep track of all your communications and execute decisions that help you sell smarter.

  • Collaborative Support

    Manage your content about companywide products and services, and reach out to your partners and end-users with up-to-date product information. Communicate and collaborate seamlessly on coordinated project activities. ZINFI’s partner portal management (PPM) platform lets you share resources and execute campaigns as effortlessly as possible — a win-win proposition for both you and your partners.

  • Reach Out

    ZINFI’s PPM platform helps you quickly locate partners who are experts in their industry, experienced and conveniently located. Use the platform to create partner surveys with integrated logic and multilingual support gather quantitative and qualitative data to generate insights that will help you retain existing clients, better anticipate the needs of customers and prospects, and minimize negative feedback.

Feature Modules

  • Content Library Management

    Dynamically share and publish partner-facing documents, and configure for expiration dates and times

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  • Co-Branded Assets Management

    Upload, manage, share and distribute assets that partners can co-brand for campaigns and programs

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  • Products Details Management

    Upload marketing and sales content to the partner portal; also includes CPQ and deal registration

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  • Communicate To Partners Management

    Communicate via email, microsites, events and social media to recruit, engage and enable partners

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  • Community & Discussions Management

    Connect socially—both internally and externally—to encourage communication and collaboration

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  • Partner Locator Management

    Create a directory of partners so prospects can quickly search by country, state, ZIP and solution

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  • Partner Support Management

    Define detailed criteria for validating, prioritizing, escalating and resolving support tickets

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  • Partner Survey Management

    Create custom surveys with integrated logic, branching multilingual support and more

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  • Projects & Tasks Management

    Efficiently manage complex projects with automated tools for tracking tasks, milestones, time and more

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  • Collaborative

    Use ZINFI’s partner portal management (PPM) tools to cooperate with your partners and build a seamless channel experience. Enable partners to reach out to prospects with co-branded web banners, videos, data sheets, case studies, success stories, price lists and more in multiple formats, including HTML, HTML5 and PDF. Create online communities to encourage collaboration, boost awareness, tap into new markets and rapidly evolve your business.

  • Global

    ZINFI’s PPM platform provides all the tools you need to establish and grow a thriving partner network by leveraging your global presence. Display your partner profiles and boost channel performance by making it easy for prospects to search for partners using ZIP Code, country, state and solutions offered. Take complete control of the interconnected functions, operations and transactions through which each specific product or service you offer is produced, distributed and consumed.

  • Constructive

    With ZINFI’s PPM tools you can automate surveys to access key demographic information that will help you gain a better understanding of your target market, refine campaigns and programs, and make better business decisions. Surveys can provide insight into any aspect of your business, whether it’s the potential market size for a particular offering or the optimal price for one of your products or services. Construct and manage your marketplace through services like custom creative work, prospect profiling and integrated event services.

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