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Onboarding Partner Ecosystem to Achieve Loyalty: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: What is Channel Ecosystem and How it is Shaping the World?

A partner ecosystem is a broader term for channels.  75% of world trade flows indirectly across all industries. Buying your car from a dealer, buying your TV from a retailer, buying your loaf of bread from a grocer, that’s what people think about when they think about channels. The average customer today has seven partners they trust. And only one of them shows up at that point of sale. It is important to consider before the point of sale, at the point of sale, beyond the point of sale, all the co-innovation that’s happening, value creation, the network effects. Partner Relationship Management solutions can help you define and serve your partner ecosystem.

This is the broader term known as partner ecosystems. Essentially, it is a set of partners that are not only showing up at that point of sale but across different points of value across the chain.

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